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About Us

Lobo Painting, LLC, is a local operation dedicated to providing high quality painting services for our customers at a reasonable price. Our team of experienced painters will take care of all your residential and commercial painting needs, from the initial consultation to the finished product. We use only the best materials and tools to assure that the job is done right the first time. We also strive to provide excellent customer service, making sure that our customers are completely satisfied with their finished painting job. Take a look at our galleries to see the quality of our work.

Paint and Brush

Mission Statement

Our reputation for delivering quality work and professional service is of upmost importance to me. That's why you'll never have to worry about any funny business like hidden costs or us cutting corners. This is our livelihood and we love what we do, so we take pride in making sure your project is completed the right way.  

For You

When you choose to work with us you can let go of the worry. We aim to make your dream projects real, to give new life to your home or business with a clean look that'll last. Whether you want fun colors or simpler shades of white or beige. We want our customers to feel taken care of and proud of the work that's been done.

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